Local Austin IT Services and Support

A Comprehensive Answer to all of your Networking, Hardware, and IT Management Needs.


Data Backup Solutions

When data loss strikes your systems you want to be prepared to be able to quickly and efficiently restore any lost information. Keeping your data safe no matter what happens is key to being able to push past any set backs your company may encounter.

Cloud Services

We will work with you to find the best service your company needs, whether it be a total cloud solution or just certain individual aspects of you require.

Server Management
We work hard to maintain the computer networking system in your office environment by tracking server activity, performing upgrades of software, maintaining computer hardware, addressing questions about technical problems, and improving efficiency by evaluating system network functions.
Email Solutions

We will work with you to find a communications solution that best suits your business, and is also affordable at the same time. From Microsoft Exchange, to Google apps, or even cloud based, our commitment is to pair your needs with what is necessary to ensure your ease of access.

Network Management

Don't worry about having to manage your complicated network of servers and computers ever again. We monitor, manage and respond to any issues that may arise in your day to day workplace to save your business time and money.

VOIP Services & Solutions

If you believe your small business or non profit is out of each of Voice Over Internet Protocol telephone services, our team will work with you to enable your business to take advantage of all the benefits of VOIP and show you how to implement this technology to advance your own objectives.


Documentation is key to any business for their IT Infrastructure. In addition to helping us solve
your problems quickly, it also serves as a way to translate business needs into IT solutions so
that you can understand what you’ve got and how to use it. Documentation includes inventory,
licensing, critical software information, hiring/termination protocols, and infrastructure

Web Development

If you’re looking to have a new website created, need help resolving an existing site’s issue, or
need marketing materials, we can help you! We can also manage DNS (your website’s domain)
as well as SSL Certificates for a secure website or web services that you host.


If you’ve got manual business processes that can be automated, we can work with you to
design a solution. If you’re looking for ways to import data between softwares, create audits, or
automate the process of hiring/terminating, we have experience in a multitude of programming

IT Security Services

We work with each client to ensure security policies are in place to meet both necessary
Compliance and normal operating security. This includes firewall auditing, File-Sharing
Auditing, Anti-Virus/Malware/Adware, DNS-Level Protection, and any compliance auditing

DNS Security Solutions

DNS Phishing will enable you to protect your company from the inside out. Most intrusions into your secure network can evolve from accidents or just pure negligence from employees and employers alike. We help prevent these types of attacks by securing potential access points and testing your networks reliability. This ensures that anyone who attempts an attack will be unable to insert themselves onto your wireless traffic and interfere with confidential data your company does not want revealed.

Managed IT Services
As a client who's services we manages you will find that we take proactive steps and use strategic methods to improve operation efficiency and save your company money. Outsourcing these kinds of services often leaves smaller companies drifting in a sea of customer service representatives who you will never meet face to face and who's help often ends once the phone call is over. When your small business needs direct oversight you should always consider entering a relationship with a company who is capable of responding to your needs with more then a simple call.

Client Testimonials

I called Revo IT Services to ask some general questions about problems I had been having on my work computer. Paperport was not acting as I wanted it to and their technician Weston was able to figure out the issue I was having with my saved documents turning into multiple pages. He helped me clean up my work space and identified all these duplicates I had which were only making my life difficult. I thought I might be stuck working around kinks in a program that was frustrating me! The whole thing only took thirty minutes over the phone, these guys are definitely fast and knowledgeable.  Weston was patient, understanding of my frustrations and knowledgeable. I highly recommend he and Anthony.”

Linda Botello, Horizon Realty

My laptop was giving me the Black screen of death and I had gone to the web and tried every option suggested. I needed my Turbotax file to complete my taxes. I called Weston at REVO-IT and Weston was able to find my files on the hard drive, even though my computer was not booting up. He quickly recovered all my computer files and put them on a secure server for me to download at my leisure. And, I was able to file my taxes by the April 15, 2018 deadline. Weston sent me an email explaining how to get to the secure site and how to download. REVO-IT was responsive, and well priced

Dr. Harishini Ernest, AISD Central Office

“I have used Outlook for years. One day, I opened that program and found that about half of my email messages, contacts, and folders were missing. After trying to determine the cause and repair it for myself, and being unable to reach my normal tech person, I called Weston. Weston promptly investigated and informed me about fifty percent of my .pst file was corrupted! After about 2 hours of wizardry Weston was able to recover fully all of my information, and we resumed business as normal. I highly recommend Revo IT service.”

Jimmy Alan Hall, PLLC