About Us

We are here to make sure your technology doesn't get in the way of your business.  Our focus is on personalized support for small to medium-sized businesses.  With a background supporting environments of all sizes and using all sorts of different devices and software, we are well equipped to handle anything that might occur for your environment.

Take a look at our pricing section for small business packages.  If you're a company larger than 10 people, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your environment.  If you don't currently have a business arrangement with us and need emergency support, feel free to contact us immediately, and we can discuss how we can help you.


We specialize in businesses under 150 people, Lawfirms, Healthcare Practices, Accounting firms,and Digital Marketing Agencies. We provide professional, affordable outsourced IT services to give your business peace of mind.

Data Security-VoIP-Cybersecurity-Network Support-Server Management-Legacy Software-Email-Office 365

Meet the Team

Daniel McGreevy

Director of Sales
Dan McGreevy is the Sales Manager at Revo IT. Dan has been working been in sales for 25+ years. He has worked in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Support, and Management positions with technology and aerospace organizations. For the last 15 years, he has been heavily focused on the Austin technology scene in sales and business development positions. Dan has worked for companies of all shapes and sizes from startups to larger enterprises.  He has performed sales roles for organizations like Microsoft, Activant Solutions, Workplace Answers, 360training.com, BBA Aviation, TRAXXALL, and the start-up jet service DayJet. Dan also has an extensive background in aircraft sales and is currently working on finishing his private pilot license. He is an active musician in the Austin music scene and enjoys spending his time flying, playing drums, fishing, boating and spending time outdoors. His responsibilities at Revo IT are to coordinate sales efforts, build and strengthen the customer base and lead our sales initiatives. Dan has a passion for IT and technology. His is experience runs deep working with complex SaaS products focused on Operations Management, eLearning/Learning Management Systems, IT Solutions, and Aerospace related technology.
To learn more about Dan McGreevy, here is a link to his LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danmcgreevy/

Emin J. Olivier

Infrastructure & Systems Engineer

Emin Olivier is a 25 year I. T. veteran from Silicon Valley. His career spans enterprise Operations, mainframe and mini-computer programming, network fabric switching to infrastructure deployment and monitoring. A bicoastal consultant and contractor to PacBell Netowrk Integration, Hewlett Packard, JP Morgan Chase and many more. Accomplishments include the first public live internet video conference onboard an inflight aircraft to base stations, an original triage team member for Y2K cutover, White House and Secret Service recognition.

With an A.S. in MIS from San Francisco City College, many professional certifications under the belt his focus is currently Cloud infrastructure monitoring, application performance and digital experience management all of which are set to be next gen of support globally.



Tony Collins

Implementation Consultant

I built my first computer when I was 13 years old, mostly out of a thirst to play video games. I saved all my allowance and lawn mowing money and since it was mine, it meant I could put it in my room instead of having to use my Mom’s. A few years later I entered the Electrical Engineering program at UT. It kicked my ass, hard. After two and a half years I transferred and went into Economics and Political Science. Still having a love for computers after I graduated, and wanting to practice Spanish I went to work for Puerto Rico Tobacco Corporation in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where I was born. There I setup networks made new workstation purchases and diagnosed all kinds of issues. After two years I decided to move back to Texas. I thought I might want to be an attorney so I tried to get a job as a paralegal. One firm, seeing that I had no experience as a paralegal, but was trying to fix some IT problems, said: “We’ll train you as a paralegal, and in the meantime, you fix our IT problems?” I learned a lot in the three and a half years I was there, but I decided I didn’t want to be an attorney after all and moved to another job in Commercial Real Estate.

Around the same time, my friend Weston Bishop, who’d I’d met through mutual friends at UT had been an IT professional for 8 years. He had left a large firm called Ergos, to help a startup begin their journey as an MSP. After a year and a half of hard work and setup, the job was complete. But since he was not a co-founder in the business, the success was not felt by as much by him. He began discussing this with me, and we thought, Why not just do it for ourselves? With our complementary skill sets we should be able to do what we’re good at on our own! A few months of brainstorming and hard work later, Revo IT Services was born.



Melissa Moreno

Administrative Specialist

Jonathan Collins

Network Engineer

Bryon Isaacs

Board Member

Celia Bell

Board Member