Cloud Services

The Cloud is a term that originated in the 1960’s and is typically found as a picture of a cloud used in flowcharts and diagrams to symbolize the internet.  Whether or not you own the computer systems and software or you pay a subscription to utilize them, as long as they are available when you’re connected to the internet, you’re referring to cloud services.  Here are some of the Cloud Services that we provide and/or manage for you.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

The most common Cloud Service is called Software as a Service and refers to software that is running on servers that you access over the internet.  A few common examples of SaaS are Salesforce, Office 365, Box, Google Apps, Amazon Web Services (AWS), DocuSign, Dropbox, and Slack. Most of the time you come across these types of services, you’re looking at purchasing them as a turnkey solution to cover a part of your business.  Revo IT Services can assist you in migrating to these services, manage licensing, and an intermediate with providers when there is an IT issue.


Hosted Desktops

There are a few overlapping terms commonly used to describe hosted desktop solutions, but what we are referring to here is hosting your server and workstations that you use over the internet.  This enables you to rely on cheaper hardware internally (or allow your employees to use their own devices), and lets you work from anywhere there is the internet. Hosted Desktops are generally more expensive than traditional infrastructures, but sometimes the cost can be justified when you’re looking for the flexibility it provides.  There are a few ways to provide Hosted Desktops, and for smaller businesses, it tends to be from a third party provider such as Citrix, Rackspace, or Amazon. If your company is large enough to support it, there are ways to run your own Hosted Desktop solution either in a data center or with the infrastructure you run in-house. Regardless of which direction you want to go, we can help you understand the process and implement the best solution for you.


Hosted Data Services

Data services are very similar to SaaS solutions but are only used to store data on the internet.  A very common use of this is an internet backup. There are a few things to consider when storing data online.  How you get to the data, how fast it can transfer back and forth, and how the cost scales with your size and usage of said data are all factors that can determine the solution that you choose.  There are providers for hosted data such as OneDrive and DropBox, but there are also options for bulk data storage such as Google Neardrive, Amazon Glacier, as