Data Backup Services

The current technological age is commonly referred to as the Information Age.  The data your company uses is a very important part of your job, and keeping that data safe is paramount.  Whether you’re looking for something simple or something in the cloud, we can make a solution that keeps your data safe.


Multi-Site Storage

The first step to take in any backup situation is to make sure that the data you have is secured in more than one location.  If your building catches fire, or there is a hardware failure, then having a copy on another device in another location ensures that your data is safe.  There are a few methods to do this, but your options can range from having geo-redundant cloud storage (data copies stored in multiple data centers globally) to simply rotating physical backup copies out of the office.


Backup Monitoring

Backup systems today are capable of logging how they perform and sending those logs over automatically each time a backup occurs.  These logs are reviewed by us, and a manual inspection of the data a backup contains is performed on a schedule. If your environment supports it, some backups may be able to be tested such as virtual machine backups.  If there are backup jobs that are not completing within a reasonable amount of time, we will make corrections to the schedule so that it does not interrupt your normal business day.


Continuous Backup

Most backup systems perform a scheduled backup ‘job’ that occurs on a schedule that is told to run when people are out of the office.  This is because a backup might not successfully complete if people are using files at the time of the actual backup job. Additionally, a backup job will slow down your system as it tries to copy data as quickly as possible from your large storage devices.  Continuous Backup solutions update your backup copy/copies as soon as any files are changed or added. This doesn’t slow down your system as these changes are infrequent. It also means your backups are accurate at all times.


Virtual Machine Backup

Many modern backup solutions are now able to back up your virtualized servers such that if you had another physical server, the original backed up server could be copied over to it quickly.  This can also be done with cloud infrastructures. So not only are you able to retain your data, but also all of the server configurations and installed software that you have built up over time.  Getting these things sorted out on top of data recovery is time-consuming, so virtualizing servers and making sure your backups can capture them is important!


Disaster Recovery Plan

Any time you’ve got a data backup, there should be a plan in place to let the business know what is going to happen in case a backup needs to be used.  We will let you know how long it will take to get your business back to a usable state. We can also plan to use fail-overs in the case of virtual machine backups or cloud infrastructures.  Hardware warranties can assist in getting your data back quickly so that your servers are able to run, and things like bandwidth