Documentation is key to any business for their IT Infrastructure. In addition to helping us solve
your problems quickly, it also serves as a way to translate business needs into IT solutions so
that you can understand what you’ve got and how to use it. Documentation includes inventory,
licensing, critical software information, hiring/termination protocols, and infrastructure

While sometimes boring, documentation is critical to the success of all IT service.  It is important to know how things are connected so that when a change or fix is implemented, it does not negatively affect another part of the system.  We believe that by having great documentation, we are able to quickly and effectively solve problems, and our clients are well-informed about their IT infrastructure.


  • Network Diagram
    • A network diagram is kept on file and updated during monthly visits.
  • Labeling & Patch Panels
    • Devices are labeled so that we can quickly distinguish them when going on-site.
    • Patch panels are like the breaker boxes for networking (ethernet) cables.  Labeling them to where they go is just as important as labeling breaker boxes.
  • Wireless Site Survey
    • Upon initial onboarding, we will use a floorplan to create a site survey for your business.
  • Credential Management
    • For all devices that we manage, we will keep our own administrative credentials that are shared with your administrator.  In the event that we part ways, you can simply remove our accounts rather than hoping all your passwords are reset.
  • Complex Networks
    • If your network uses VLANs or has complex connection configurations, we can work with your existing documentation style, or create a new one to capture as much information as efficiently as possible.