Server Management

Servers are the workhorses of business infrastructure.  They don’t have someone sitting in front of them every day, but they run the most critical software and store all the data you access every day.  Revo IT Services will make sure your server is running smoothly, and that procedures are in place for emergency situations.


Active Directory & Domain

When you have a server, you can create a domain that manages users and security for your organization.  Maintaining this directory with accurate information helps keep things organized and allows for fast management of people and computers.  Getting new users set up is quick and easy, and provides an assured way for them to access the company data for their role.


Roles & Features

When a server is first configured, there are only a few roles and features needed to get it going.  When you start managing things like a website, adding software, and using SQL on it, then the server will require the configuration and use of more Roles and Features.  We can configure and manage these services on your Windows Server to keep your applications working at their best.


Hardware Support

Server hardware can get expensive.  Most of the time, we recommend having Manufacturer support for hardware systems because it is an inexpensive way to guarantee hardware replacements within a certain amount of time.  If your server is out of warranty, we can help set up procedures so you know what to expect. In some cases, we may be able to work with the manufacturer to get an extended warranty.  If you’re looking for new hardware, Revo IT Services can source they type of hardware that fits your needs, and will sell it to you at cost. We don’t want to nickel and dime you. What is best for our clients is best for us!


Linux and OS X Servers

If you’re looking for Linux or OS X Server support, we can help.  We have experience with CentOS, Debian, and Redhat, among many others.  For OS X Servers, we have JAMF experience and have utilized MDM through Meraki.  If you have some infrastructure that mixes OSes, we can work with what you’ve got, or design and implement the solution that is right for you.



If your office is not a suitable place for your servers, you may want to look at getting your systems set up in a data center.  This is called colocation. If you’re trying to host a critical piece of software and you have certain requirements for availability, then colocation might be a good choice for you.  They have guaranteed uptime and can provide very high amounts of bandwidth with low latency.



Virtualization can be a daunting term when you’re trying to understand your businesses’ IT Infrastructure.  When you log into your computer, you’re using Windows, OS X, or Linux. Those environments are called operating systems and are running directly on your computer hardware.  Virtualization is when you run something that manages running multiple environments at the same time. So a virtualized server could mean running a few ‘servers’ on one physical device.  The reasons virtualization for Servers is so important is that it makes your server systems very easy to deal with in the case of hardware issues, it makes backups easy and quick to perform without slowing things down, and it means you can run many servers on fewer devices.  We recommend that all server hardware is virtualized and will help your company get there. We support VMWare, HyperV, and Citrix, and will help your company choose and implement the right solution.


High Availability

Just like in Networking, High Availability is when your systems stay running for a guaranteed amount of time.  Typically this involves having multiple servers like fail-overs and almost always utilizes virtualization in order to achieve this goal.  Whatever your needs may be, we can help you find the most cost-effective solution and manage the implementation in a way that impacts your business as little as possible.