VOIP Support


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a replacement for traditional telephone services that use your internet connection instead of a phone line.  There are hosted providers, solutions from your Internet Service Provider, as well as options to purchase hardware and run your own VoIP systems. If you have a VoIP service, we can help configure and maintain it.


Dial Planning

With VoIP, you can create very specific dial plans that you wouldn’t be able to do on traditional phone lines, such as:

  • Defining call groups for different departments
  • Forward to multiple devices such as home or cell phones
  • Using Multiple Auto-attendants (Pre-recorded messages) to direct calls
  • Having a directory by either voice recognition or dial-by-name

Hosted VoIP

There are VoIP providers that will host your infrastructure in the cloud, allowing you to simply take your pre-programmed desktop phone anywhere.  All you would need is an internet connection. Although the idea of bringing your work phone with you on a long vacation might not sound like an exciting idea, it can help facilitate having phones for your work-from-home users as well as making it easy for you to move offices and phones while maintaining their configurations.

On-Premise Solutions

In some cases where you are using a lot of phone lines, it is cheaper and more flexible to run your own hardware.  In this case, you would be looking at getting a solution like Avaya, ShoreTel, or running your own PBX hardware. There are a few different approaches to how you would do this, and a few different reasons why you would choose one over the other.  Additionally, you can have these devices hosted in a colocation that would be able to guarantee your uptime so you wouldn’t have to worry about your internet going down. In the event your office internet goes down with a colocation solution, your employees would still be able to receive calls to their cellphones via a Dial Plan.